Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Pink Cupcake Carrier

Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container, Petal Pink

I have received a new nickname at the office: Lucy Crocker :) I have gained this cute nickname due to my cupcake baking frenzy that has everyone at work looking forward to Mondays or birthdays. I usually carry my cupcakes in this wonderful carrier my husband got for me for Valentine's Day (he surprised me with it! Isn't he just wonderful?). Anyways, everyone always asks me where/how I acquired the carrier, so I figured I would dedicate a blog for it. He purchased the carrier on He got me a pink one (my favorite color), but they have many other colors to choose from, like white and soft blue sky. The kicker for this carrier is that it can carry up to 36 cupcakes, but also the stackable carrier layers can be removed and used as a tall cake carrier. I just love it and I think it is worth every penny!

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