Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kiyomi’s First Birthday Celebration!

I cannot believe that I am already celebrating my daugther’s first birthday! It seems like it was yesterday that I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, and here she is turning one already. She has been an absolute blessing in our life and I just look forward to the many years ahead of us!
Okay, I could gush on and on about her, but I’ll concentrate on the task at hand: tell you what we did for her birthday party!

My sweet youngest sister, a culinary arts student at Johnson and Wales University, asked if she could make the main cake for her, and that is the beautiful cake you see in the center of the sweets table. She made a wonderful (and super yummy!) red velvet cake with creamcheese frosting.  

I then made lemon poppy-seed cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting  (the idea was from my dear hubby – raspberry lemonade!).

 I also made sugar cookies with royal icing as party favors for all our guests. (you can find the sugar cookie recipes here).

And lastly, I also made her “smash” cake. I made a simple vanilla cake recipe shaped in two small heart-shaped pans and frosted with the raspberry frostings.

My daughter certainly seems like she enjoyed her smash cake :) She knew what to do with it as soon as she dug her little finger into the icing, but it took a little help for her to realize that there was cake under all that icing goodness!

Isn't she sweet? She even wanted to share her yummy with me!

Needless to say it was a wonderful party and a fun time was had by everyone! :)


  1. So you are a talented bunch...and what a beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl! I loved seeing all of her sweet expressions. And I don't think any first birthday could have a prettier selection of desserts. What a wonderful family you have!

  2. Thank you so much Monet! It was so much fun planning the party, and I think it turned out well too. :)