Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homemade Iced Coffee with Godiva Coffee

Hello everyone! Man, is it hot or is it hot? Here in the Midwest, these past few weeks have brought hot and humid days that have had a heat index of over 100F! On a day like that, an iced drink sounds good doesn't it? To start off my day, I usually have some coffee with milk, but recently a hot drink just doesn't sound appealing. However, I've never made an iced coffee drink before, just have had them from coffee shops. Making my own coffee drink sounded so.... hard! Well friends, that is SO NOT the case!!! Let me show you how!!!
First of all, let me introduce the STAR of the drink: coffee! And not just any coffee, amazing French Vanilla Godiva Coffee. The wonderful people at Foodbuzz and Godiva Coffee sent selected food bloggers two 12-oz bags of Godiva Coffee goodness as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. I received the French Vanilla and Chocolate Truffle flavors, and let me just say they are both great! My favorite of the two is the French Vanilla, but maybe because I am a vanilla girl myself :) This coffee has the wonderful flavor of French Vanilla, but it is not sweet! This gives you the flexibility of adding your own sweetness to it, if you so desire.
The flavors: French Vanilla and Chocolate Truffle

So once you have your favorite coffee in hand, brew it to your liking. The recommended ratio that was included in the Godiva Coffee bag is about 3 Tbsp of ground coffee to every 12oz of water.
If smells could only be included in a picture... you would be DYING right now! It smells so heavenly!!!

While you "patiently" wait for your coffee to finish brewing, gather the co-stars of your drink: a glass full of ice, and milk. Now, here is where we can be flexible with the ingredients because it really depends on what you like. I like my coffee unsweetened with just milk. I've seen some great ideas at Pioneer Woman with her method of cold brewing. Next time I want to give cold brewing a shot; as people have replied, it takes away the acidity and bitterness of coffee. The downside: it takes longer to brew, so plan ahead if wanting to try this method!

Once the coffee is brewed, add it on to the glass full of ice. I fill my coffee halfway up the glass. Note: the hot coffee does melt some of the ice, which in turn dilutes the coffee down. I didn't mind that, but if you rather not have diluted coffee, you may want to let the coffee cool down completely or make it from the cold brewing method.

Next, add the milk up to the top. I love how the milk swirls in the coffee. So pretty!

Then you mix it all up with a super-duper ultra fancy stirrer, aka chopstick! >.<

Then to finish it up, steal one of your daughter's straws to slurp up all that coffee goodness!  I feel like such a bad mommy, but it was worth having the straw!
By this stage, the whole HOUSE smells like coffee, and you just can't wait another second to drink it all up! I had my iced coffee with my toasted bagel thin with almond butter. And all of this I was able to accomplish BEFORE my daughter woke up! It was the perfect way to start my day off from work. :) 

If you want to try Godiva Coffee (which you should btw!), check out the $2 off coupon they have on their website.

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  1. It is SO VERY HOT right now. I need all the iced drinks I can find :-) Thank you for sharing yourself and your yummy treats. I hope you had a great day today, and I hope you have an even better day tomorrow. Hugs and love from Austin!